SPORTLICHT Ltd. signifies know-how, competence, ideas, expert knowledge and consumer orientation in fields of LED displays, sports service as well as hardware and software development.

In selected kinds of sport SPORTLICHT experts are integrated in the preparation and technical realization of high-ranking international sports events. Many of our developed systems, products and ideas are deployed during these sports events.

The German federation of Gymnastic and Diving complete work with the competition control systems developed by us. The systems consist of mobile wireless terminals, LED display systems and comprehensive software for result and information service. At many events we provide a livestream on TV level.

In addition to the sports IT service SPORTLICHT also provides LED displays. Earlier we developed and produced tri- and full-color LED panals ourselves. Today we import video boards of all sizes and designs. Our experienced technicians install, maintain and repair them for our customers in the sports venues.

The technical equipment of modern sports facilities is realized by us together with leading manufactures of the special kind of sport. Our information sytems, the corresponding software packages and the service contribute significantly to the functionality of the complex overall system.