LED Video Displays

Fullcoloured video display systems for indoor and outdoor applications are today the most widespread media for advertisement, live video and information indication. The selection of the correct technical parameters for the respective application is of main importance, if one wants to find the product with the best cost/performance ratio.

Ideally for indoor area we offer boards with pixel distance of 3mm to 10mm in SMD LED technology. A large viewing angle of 140 degrees and an ideal colour blending between red, green and blue LED's are here already reached with very small viewing distances of about 5m. This is important for indoor applications, where the spectators sit partial close to the display.

The brightness of about 2.000 cd/qm is sufficient. Typical display sizes are here 5qm to 20qm and spectator distances from the board up to 80m. For indoor swimming pools we deliver only outdoor displays. This is due to the aggressive, humid air. In swimming venues our wall mounting and front maintenance boards are in great demand

In the mostly extensive outdoor area (stadiums, places) one needs larger display systems. The pixel distance can be also larger, since the viewer has a larger distance of the display. With a brightness from 5.000 to 8.000 cd/qm one has also during direct sun exposure a oustanding readabitity.