LED - Display system RGBS - 15

This new, full coloured display system combines extraordinary accomplishments:

   ♦   simple operation and control without comprehensive
        studio technology,
   ♦   alphanumeric information and result service on
        scoreboards of different sizes,
   ♦   colour graphics and movies with high resolution
        as well as,
   ♦   a modular, super flat and light construction with
        low maintenance.

This display system is usable as a medium for information and advertising for fixed and mobile use in various fields of application.

Only a standard computer with 10/100 MBit network adapter is nessesary for high quality graphics and advertising videos in 4.096 colours with 200 Hz. This also applies to the use as a simple multi-sport scoreboard with eight colours in purely static oparation.


The display system weighs only 30 kg/mē and is 8 cm deep. This makes the display system attractive for small and mobile displays in sports, industry and advertisement.

   ♦   15mm real (non virtual) pixel distance, which permits
        letters starting from 10 cm in size,
   ♦   SMD light-emitting diodes with red, green and blue
        chip in a single LED.

This provides an ideal colour blending already at a small viewing distance and a very large viewing angle of 160°.

The basic mudule RGBS-15 is a 244mm x 351mm large printed circiut board with 384 RGB LEDīs.