LED - Display Systems tricolor

The tricolor display system RG 96 offers numerous application possibilities in the field of sports and also in the commercial field. Advantages of the RG 96 display system:

   ♦   modular, super-flat and lightweight construction
   ♦   low power drain
   ♦   only static use,
   ♦   an extremely large visual angle
   ♦   concolorous mixing of RED and
   ♦   GREEN already at a small viewing angle

Apart from, displaying texts, graphics and animations due to a user-friendly software, specially-designed software-solutions offer numerous application possibilities in various sports fields.

The RG 96 is the perfect information system with diverse interfaces for time measurement and data processing systems, e.g. for swimming, diving, track and field, gymnastics or cycling. The information system functions on high international level and is subject to the regulations of the respective international sports federations.


Mit der Option eines Ballsport-Controllers und der RG 96 Ballsport-Software ist auch eine komfortable und stets regelgerechte Nutzung als Multisportanzeige für alle Ballsportarten möglich. Frei skalierbare Layouts und eine PC-Steuerung machen das System variabler gegenüber Regeländerungen und gewünschter Informationsgehalte auf der Anzeigetafel.

The RG 96 module is particularly suitable for the use in indoor swimming pools because of its corrosion resistance as well as its chlorine resistance. SPORTLICHT also offers an outdoor version with more luminous, bicolored LEDs and solar protection.