LED Display Systems

The specially-designed SPORTLICHT LED-displays can be used in various fields.You can easily visualize data or use the specially-designed displays as an impressive advertising medium.

The LED-displays can be employed as mobile system and also as fixed installation. SPORTLICHT is able to customize the displays in form and size because of the modular structure of the displays.

You can choose between monochromatic, tricolour and polychromatic displays for indoors as well as for outdoors depending on the location and subject.

The display systems can be smoothly controlled on the basis of serial standard interfaces respectively TCP-IP standard interfaces. The display systems can be even integrated into already existing IT-structures. For this purpose, you can use commercially available PCs or notebook - a user-friendly software will be also provided.


The display systems can be ideally employed where information with alternating design layout and content will be advertised or where information combined with advertisement is shown, e.g. venues, shopping malls, train stations, exhibition halls, etc..